Potluck “Cook-off” Contest Categories


A favorite aspect of the annual Slow Food Des Moines Food Fest is the friendly potluck “cook-off” competition. Contestants bring out their best recipes, using their favorite local ingredients, and put the smackdown on the competition.

The competition is pretty fierce, because the contestants are, without fail, mighty fine cooks.

The best part? Everybody (from professional chefs, to kids, to eager bystanders) gets to feast on the most delicious food that Central Iowa has to offer.

What’s your culinary secret weapon? Do you make the best deviled eggs in Des Moines? The crunchiest cookie in Clive? Spiciest baked beans in Bondurant?

Do you make a dish that is not alliterative with the town where you live?

Put your apron on, and make up a delicious dish (or two!) for the September 8 event.

Contest Categories Include:

  • Baked Beans Bean-Off
  • Vegetable Dish Medley
    – Cold Salad
    – Hot Salad
  • Deviled Egg Shootout
  • Mac n Cheese Mash
  • Cookie Crush
  • Pies-all-around
    – Fruit
    – Berry
    – Cream
    – savory
    – meat
    – pot pie

Competition classes.
All ages and levels of expertise are welcome: Kid, Novice, Seasoned Expert

Fortune (not really), fame, and fabulous prizes.
As always, there will be some awesome prices in each category, plus bragging rights for the coming year.

For all the details, check out the rest of our SlowFoodDesMoines.com website, or visit our Facebook page.

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