Slow Food Des Moines All-Iowa Food Fest Sept 8

What: The 12th Annual Slow Food Des Moines All-Iowa Food Fest and “Competitive Potluck”

devilled_eggsWhen: Sunday, September 8, 2013
1 – 4 pm
The festivities (and feasting) commence at 1:00, and the grounds open at noon.

Where: Jasper Winery (note new location this year!)
2400 George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines

How (much): Slow Food Members $25; Non-members $30. Bring a dish for the culinary competitions, and get a $5 discount. Proceeds will cover the meat, contest prizes, venue, etc.

We’ll take care of the meat, being grilled up by Mo’ Rub, and the wine (thanks, Jasper Winery!). You just bring a contest entry (or two or more) and a favorite side dish to share.

If you have some friends who love good food, please bring them along! This event is a great opportunity to show off your blue-ribbon dish, and enjoy the best food from fellow Slow Food Des Moines members.

Know you’re coming? Please RSVP to, or give Kari a call at 515 771 5886. (And if you would like to volunteer for the event, please let us know.)

Need more information?
Check out the SlowFoodDesMoines website:
and follow us on Facebook:

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One Response to Slow Food Des Moines All-Iowa Food Fest Sept 8

  1. yourothermotherhere says:


    When I read the “Slow Food…” I was thinking a totally different thing. Around here, if someone asks if you’re hungry and you’re really <\i) hungry, you say, "I'd eat anything if it's moving slow enough!" so I had this vision of people chasing wagons of slow moving food across an open field.

    Hey, it was funny in my mind! (smiles)

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