2016 Slow Food Harvest Potluck: Sunday, October 9


Slow Food Des Moines’ annual Fall Harvest Potluck is coming up next week!

Join like-minded Slow Food supporters for an early autumn potluck meal next Sunday, October 9, from 4 – 6 pm.

This year, we’ll be meeting at the Chichaqua Longhouse, in the Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt Park (in the northeast corner of Polk County – driving directions below,* and here’s a map of how to get there). If you’re using a map-app to get there, the address is 8700 NE 126 Avenue, Maxwell, Iowa.

chichaqua_longhouse_exteriorIf you’ve not been to the Chichaqua Longhouse before, the rustic Longhouse is an enclosed, wheelchair-accessible shelter house that has a modern kitchen, restrooms, and plenty of tables and folding chairs. There are also two outdoor barbecue grills, a woodburning stove, and heat and air-conditioning, so we’ll be comfy, whatever the weather brings.

The potluck is from 4 – 6 pm, and it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate the bounty of the harvest (even if your “harvest” comes from the farmers’ market or the grocery store).

What is your favorite fall recipe? Make a batch of something Slow and yummy. You choose what to make (if we end up with two salads, some cookies, and twenty pies, is that a tragedy? No, we call that a feast.), along with serving utenstils, your own dishes and silverware. And just a reminder: it’s BYOB.

(We will have disposable tableware, and water to share, if you forget plates or drinks).

Having a crazy weekend? If you can’t put together a dish to share, please come to the potluck anyway, and donate $10/person to the Slow Food Des Moines project fund.

Questions? Send us a quick note via the “Contact Us” link on the Slow Food Des Moines website.

You can also get any up-to-the-moment updates on the Slow Food Des Moines Facebook event page.

See you October 9th!

Driving directions to Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt Park: Chichaqua is a half hour northeast of Des Moines, near Elkhart and Bondurant. From Interstate 35: exit at mile 96, go east on NE 126th Avenue through Elkhart. At the “t” intersection, turn north (left) onto NE 72nd Street. Turn south (right) onto NE 80th Street.


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