Join the Slow Food ‘Secret Snail’ Recipe Swap

slow-food-secret-snailLove holiday surprises and “Secret Santa” gift exchanges? Here’s a fun, secret swap with a Slow Food twist: Slow Food USA is coordinating a “Secret Snail Swapfor the next month.

Here’s how it works:

It’s really simple: share a recipe, receive a recipe. Slow Food members from around the world are invited to share a family recipe by Dec. 10 (Terra Madre Day), then receive a recipe from a member around Dec. 15. As Slow Food USA says, “[The Secret Snail Swap] is a great way to start a conversation with members across the world through food.”

Are you already imagining your favorite recipe to share? Good. You can submit your recipe for the Secret Snail Swap at this link. Submit your recipe, and (if you’d be so kind) tell them the story behind the recipe and why you like it (or why this particular recipe is a good representation of you, and where you come from). You can share your name with the recipient, or remain anonymous.

Share your recipe by December 10. Slow Food USA will share your recipe with another member, and you’ll get a recipe in return, by December 15.


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