Slow Food Des Moines at Terra Madre

deb-terra-madre-food-pavillionsIn September, two members of Slow Food Des Moines attended Slow Food International’s bi-annual gathering, Terra Madre. The Salon del Gusto, as it is called, is a gathering that is part convention, part seminar, mixed in with a global marketplace, feast, and party held every other year in Torino (Turin), Italy.

Slow Food Des Moines board members Brett McClavy (chef at The Cheese Shop of DSM) and Deb Cazavillan (owner of Wooden Spoons Workshops) both attended Terra Madre as part of the Iowa / US delegation to the gathering.

Here are some of their reflections on their trip to the Slow Food international gathering:

deb-terra-madre-cooking-class-barcelonaFrom Deb: “Many cooking classes were available. This one (above), Bob and I so enjoyed. It was taught by a Michelin-starred chef from Barcelona. Here’s a picture of the vegan beetroot gazpacho from the class. Seriously delicious, and among my favorite takeaways.”

Deb continues, “Here’s how it looked at Parco Valentino – it was TEEMING with people from all over the world. I’m told that nearly 250,000 visitors were estimated to have come to the city of Torino for Terra Madre. We even (literally) ran into Carlo Petrini, the father of the Slow Food movement during our trip!”

Chef Brett commented, “My wife and I had an amazing time. The festival it self was great. Every morning, we would take the bus to the park and wander around the Salon Del Gusto. It is basically a giant food fair with food, from not only every region of Italy, but from around the world as well.

“We participated in two taste workshops, both of which were phenomenal. The first one was with Jean Von Roy of Brassiere Cantillion, which is one of the best lambic producers in the world. And a decade vertical tasting of single vineyard Barbaresco, which was also amazing. Listening to these masters of there craft was one of the most exciting and inspirational things about the trip.”

You can find out more about Terra Madre 2016, and about the delegates (like Brett and Deb) from the USA, on the Slow Food USA website.



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