Slow Food USA ‘Give What You Can’ Day, November 29

SLow-Food-USA-come-to-the-tableMembers are the lifeblood of Slow Food USA and leaders in the food movement.

We want membership to be accessible for all, so on Tuesday, November 29, you’re invited to join Slow Food USA for ANY amount!*

Your donation to Slow Food USA helps the national organization to carry out its mission: to inspire individuals and communities to change the world through food that is good, clean and fair for all.

When you make your one-time donation to Slow Food USA, please be sure to scroll down the page and select Iowa – Des Moines as your local chapter.

Designating Des Moines as your local Slow Food chapter helps in two ways: 1) we’ll be sure to have your e-mail address, so that we can send you the Slow Food Des Moines monthly e-newsletter; and 2) we need to maintain a roster of at least twenty-five current, paying members in order to maintain our Slow Food USA chapter status.

What does Slow Food USA (and Slow Food Des Moines) do?

Slow Food USA gathers “likely and unlikely” allies to transform the way we produce, consume, and enjoy food.

From grassroots activists to policymakers, from farm to table, Slow Food USA, and Slow Food Des Moines is creating a vast network for a common good. We gather both in online communities and in local, national, and international events.

Together around specific issues like school gardens, Slow Meat, and biodiversity, we campaign to make cultural shifts for food that is good, clean, and fair for all.

As the global Slow Food movement matures, the organization is increasingly connecting the foodies and the activists and other local and “slowcal” heroes with each other and with food-forward influencers, consumer groups, and policymakers.

* Individual Slow Food USA memberships are regularly $60/year; family memberships regularly $100.


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